Don't want to snack so much? Stop drinking diet soda

Diet sodas lead to more snacking and counteracts weight loss plans.
Diet sodas lead to more snacking and counteracts weight loss plans.

When you plan out your weight loss nutrition, chances are a big focus is on meal preparation and food. You write out grocery lists to ensure you're only eating the healthiest food to boost your green coffee bean extract, and each meal is cooked at home so you know exactly what's in it. This is a great method of keeping track of what you're putting in your body.

But do you also pay attention to the liquids you consume? You know that part of healthy living is drinking eight glasses of water a day (or trying to), and limiting alcohol consumption. To reduce sugar intake, it's also best to skip soda and juice, unless it's all-natural. But a problem is that diet soda can be misleading. Because "diet" is in the name, it seems like it wouldn't be so bad, but a new study found they can actually do more harm to your weight loss plan than good.

Researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that drinking diet soda and other sugary beverages to take in less calories could actually be detrimental to a weight loss plan because people are still consuming too many due to excess snacking.

Diet soda drinkers take in almost the same amount of calories as regular soda drinkers
Almost 2,400 adults in the U.S. took part in the study, and the team analyzed reports of what each person ate and drank for 24 hours. The investigators found that men and women who were overweight and drank diet soda took in 1,965 calories a day while heavy adults who sipped on regular sugar-sweetened drinks took in 1,874 calories.

According to the Independent, the American Beverage Organization said that people need to balance total calories consumed with what they burn during physical activity and exercise in order to lose or maintain weight.

"With heavier adults increasingly switching to diet beverages, the focus on reducing [sugar-sweetened beverages] may be insufficient for long-term weight-loss efforts," the researchers wrote in the report, according to LiveScience. "Heavier adults who drink diet beverages will need to reduce their consumption of solid-food calories to lose weight."

The Independent also noted that adults who drink diet beverages often have a higher body mass index and tend to consume more high-calorie snack foods than those who drink regular, sugary sodas.

Focus on liquid and solid calories
For true weight loss help and to be successful with your goals, you must pay attention to both solid and liquid calories in addition to exercising regularly. It's not uncommon for people to forget how many calories a drink can actually have, not to mention how much sugar might be added. Being conscious of what you sip on can help you get rid of these pesky extra pounds that don't seem to want to drop!

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