Great holiday gift ideas for fitness buffs

Sore muscles are common with regular exercisers, so a massage could be the perfect holiday gift.
Sore muscles are common with regular exercisers, so a massage could be the perfect holiday gift.

After the holidays, there is no doubt that gyms, fitness centers and city sidewalks are going to be filled with exercisers who have taken on a new sense of purpose toward healthy living. Losing weight always seems to be the No. 1 New Year's resolution for many after the holiday season. Picking up garcinia cambogia extract for yourself and a few of these great exercise gifts could help you and your loved ones start the new year on the right track!

Many fitness buffs have embraced high-tech gadgets that track their progress, but there are few stand-byes on this list that every exercise enthusiast should bring with them to the gym.

A sports massage
I think we can safely say that everyone loves a massage, especially if you have been logging in a lot of time at the gym and have the sore, achy muscles to prove it. Working out all of those knots could be just the thing to help a loved one jumpstart or continue their healthy habits. Plus, a relaxed workout is always better than a tense one.

A gym membership
If you really want to go all out for that special someone, a gym membership could be a great gift for a fitness enthusiast. There are many services that gyms provide these days, including yoga, personal trainers and health clubs, so people from all walks of life will appreciate this luxurious gift.

Sessions with a personal trainer
As impressive as your favorite fitness enthusiast is at the gym, there is nothing like getting advice from a professional about what works specifically for your diet and exercise needs. This can also help prevent fitness fatigue and help your loved one try something new.

Thermal exercise gear
The weather outside may be frightful during the winter, but an outdoor workout doesn't have to be. Thermal, all-weather exercise gear can keep the icy winds and crisp air from damaging delicate skin, and this technology can also retain body temperature while exercising.

A yoga mat
Having a yoga mat is excellent for those days when you can't make it to the gym and want to practice some asanas at home. Having an exercise mat in general is a great thing to keep around the house in case you want to fit in some crunches before bed or perform some body weight exercises first thing in the morning.

A gym bag
Most people who hit the gym do so before and after work, which means that many men and women will be needing to bring shower essentials. Having a bag that stores makeup removal wipes, hair ties, mini shampoo bottles and other beauty items, as well as space for athletic shoes, workout gear and a towel is a must.

A BPA-free water bottle
Regardless of the exercise strategy, everyone needs to stay hydrated while breaking a sweat. A BPA-free water bottle could be the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite gym regular.

A chin-up or pull-up bar
These handy gadgets can be stored almost anywhere, and help to build up the shoulders and back beautifully. Most can easily fit above most any doorway, and there are affordable and luxurious forms of these bars available online and in fitness stores.

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