Holiday detox: ‘tis the season to fight the bulge

A good detox the day after a big feast can help your body get back on track.
A good detox the day after a big feast can help your body get back on track.

Thanksgiving has passed, and we’re back on the same boat. An indulgent night filled with surgary desserts, savory dishes, and alcohol has lead to a terrible morning-after of bloat and sluggishness. USA Today revealed that Americans on average consume a whopping 1,610 calories in just one sitting on this joyous occasion. A hefty number that would require one to run 3 hours and 13 minutes just to work off a single meal.

Nonetheless, it is easy to maintain your weight over the holidays. We have five simple steps for you to overcome the battle of the bulge this season.

Get moving. Rev up your metabolism the day after by doing some cardiovascular exercises like running. This will help your body burn fat and counteract weight gain. The physical activity will also keep you energized throughout the day. In addition, do yoga and stretching for better digestion.

Juice up. Wake up to a tall glass of green juice the next day. Juicing is a great way to pile on the nutrients from fruits and vegetables, while curbing your cravings for fat and sugar. Make sure to choose ingredients that have detoxing properties, such as spinach, lemon, and ginger.

Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Stay away from the merry cocktails, and limit your caffeine consumption to just one or two cups of coffee a day. Better yet, try drinking green tea instead. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, which help your body fight diseases and premature aging.

Eat right. Ditch the leftovers. Just because there are leftovers, it does not mean that you have to continue the feast the next day. Eat a balanced diet filled with fiber and vitamins to naturally cleanse your body. Ditch the pies and leftover turkey, and go for whole grains, fruits, and leafy greens.

Get enough sleep. According to WebMD, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day can help you manage your weight. Sleep makes your body release the hormones ghrelin and leptin, both of which manage your appetite. If you lack sleep, your body’s leptin levels drop, resulting in feeling unsatisfied after a meal. In addition, a lack of sleep results in  ghrelin levels escalating, which stimulates your appetite.

You don’t have to beat yourself up for indulging this holiday season. Keep yourself motivated and get back on track the day after with our simple tips. Make sure you stock up on healthy supplements to enhance your fitness regimen. Natural Process has a wide range of natural supplements that enable you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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