Team sports that burn the most calories

Basketball is a high-intensity team sport that can burn a lot of calories in an hour's time.
Basketball is a high-intensity team sport that can burn a lot of calories in an hour's time.

If you are looking for ways to spend time with friends in healthier ways, pump up your weight loss plan with a bit of a competitive edge or simply love sports in general, we have good news - you can burn a lot of calories simply by playing pick-up games.

Playing in an intramural league is a fantastic way to exercise if you can't stand the thought of the gym or love being outdoors too. You might even have so much fun that you don't realize you are exercising.

Any kind of exercise is great for you, but some team sports simply burn more calories than others. If you want to jumpstart your fitness and have some fun in the process, check out these top team sports that burn the most calories:

This is an inexpensive and highly competitive sport that requires a lot of running, and because it is so universally popular, a lot of people know how to play it. You can burn loads of calories hitting the pitch too. According to Hitch Fit, males can burn 800 calories per hour, while females will burn 700 calories during the same time frame. Keep in mind that the position you play will also determine the amount of calories you burn. For instance, a midlfielder, who covers much of the field by running, will often burn more calories than a goalie, whose main objective is to keep shots from coming in.

You can make the most of this calorie-busting sport by playing full court, as it will require more running. Basketball is also very physical and fun, which is why you will often see courts packed with friends going for the basket. You may want to schedule a pick-up game soon, because the average male can burn a whopping 900 calories playing a standard game of basketball, while a female will burn 800. No matter what position you play, basketball will require a lot of cardiovascular activity that could be a perfect pairing with your green coffee diet.

Rock climbing
While this is technically not a team sport, it is a great physical activity that typically requires the help of others. Rock climbing may not look like a calorie-burning exercise on the surface, but it is actually an excellent way to get into shape and improve your range of motion. The average male will burn 900 calories while rock climbing, and a female will burn 800. The only downside? Equipment for rock climbing can get expensive, so you may want to find a facility that will let you rent shoes, chalk and harnesses.

Tennis is an interesting sport because while it can be played with two to four people, it largely relies on your individual strength and balance. It may not look like much at first, but tennis engages your entire body and can burn a lot of calories. A Wisconsin study that showed singles tennis can burn around 690 per hour if you weigh 190 pounds, while doubles tennis can burn around 518 for the same demographic.

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