Top 5 celebrity secrets to staying in shape for the New Year

Stars need to watch what they eat and exercise to stay fit for the silver screen.
Stars need to watch what they eat and exercise to stay fit for the silver screen.

A new year is here. Out with the old bad habits, and in with a new healthy outlook in life. As we bid adieu to another year, we reveal secrets from A-list celebrities on how they kept their bodies in top form throughout the year. You can now stop drooling over glossy magazine covers and get the celebrity body you’ve always dreamed of. Read on and stay motivated to start a new healthy lifestyle.

Workout Mix
From yoga to Pilates, stars stick to a healthy exercise regimen. The key is to mix it up to keep yourself interested and to challenge your body. Kate Beckinsale sticks to her 30-minute workouts at home for at least 4 days a week. At age 40, Kate dabbles in lots of cardio, core exercises, and circuit training.

Ditch the fad diets. Stars like Drew Barrymore prefer healthy smoothies to detox naturally. Dairy and sugar are no-no’s to this celebrity’s diet.  Nutritionists recommend lots of veggies and fruits for weight loss, a boost in energy, and glowing skin. In addition, opt for a smoothie or juice that’s 70% veggies and 30% fruit.

Sensible Diet
Want to know how Kim Kardashian lost 50 pounds right after giving birth to baby North? The famous Kardashian sister went on the Atkins diet. She stuck with a diet high in protein and low in carbs.

Muscle Building
Rocker Gwen Stefani got her six-pack back with her workout routine of boxing, weight lifting, and circuit training.  The 44-year-old singer prefers these “manly” exercises to yoga and Pilates. She also stays active with her family with lots of swimming, skiing, and other fun activities.

Staying Active
Mad Men’s John Hamm stays outdoors to keep fit. He loves to play tennis and baseball. Who needs a gym when you can burn 311 calories after a 30-minute tennis match? Actor Matthew McConaughey, on the other hand, stays fit by running regularly. The Magic Mike star can run for miles without stopping.

Celebrities need to work hard to stay in shape just like everybody else. There’s no excuse. Staying healthy is a lifetime choice. Natural Process has natural diet supplements that help you stay in shape. Dr. Oz has popularly endorsed garcinia cambogia extract as an effective weight loss diet for men and women. Browse our weight loss supplements to find the right solution for you.

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