Top post-workout recovery foods

Full of omega-3s and healthy fats, salmon is an excellent food to replenish your body after a tough workout.
Full of omega-3s and healthy fats, salmon is an excellent food to replenish your body after a tough workout.

After you have finished a tough workout as part of a weight loss plan, there is no doubt that you will have worked up a healthy appetite. Burning a significant amount of calories while you work up a sweat can definitely signal your stomach that it is time to eat. However, not all foods are the same when it comes to recovering from an impressive fitness session.

In addition to your weight loss vitaminshydration is probably the first thing you need to consider, so be sure to drink plenty of water first. Yet, the next thing you probably need to think about is replacing your glycogen stores. According to the Mayo Clinic, this means that a solid combination of protein and carbohydrates is needed to help you feel your best and make the most out of your exercise plan.

Here are some great ideas for a post-recovery meal or snack after a tough workout:

Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables
To repair your muscles from the exciting run you just had, there's nothing like a dish full of nutrients that is also jam-packed with protein. Chicken is a lighter meat, so it will fill you up without dragging you down. Make sure to cook your veggies in heart-healthy olive oil to make the most out of this dish.

Nuts and dried fruit
Have you just finished traversing a challenging hike and need a pick-me-up? Having an unsalted, nutrient-rich package of nuts and dried fruit in your backpack can be just the thing to replenish your system. Trail mix can also be very versatile, and you can even make your own version at home if you are watching your budget.

Veggie omelet
Need a hearty breakfast after clocking in a great time on your morning run? According to Fitness Magazine, an omelet full of fresh veggies like peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and onions could be one of the best ways to get your day started. Adding avocado to this dish can add in some healthy fats and omega-3s, and the protein-rich eggs can aid in muscle recovery.

Peanut butter sandwich with whole-grain bread
Who says peanut butter sandwiches are just for kids? If you need a healthy and quick meal after a midday exercise session, you can't go wrong with a sandwich full of protein and "good" carbs. Whole-grain bread can also keep you feeling full for hours, as it is packed with fiber. Whole grains are excellent for weight loss in general, and have also been proven to reduce the risk of many ailments, including stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Salmon and sweet potatoes
You can't go wrong with the healthy fats and omega-3s in salmon. According to Fitness Magazine, this fish also has bioactive compounds that can help with blood sugar levels and joint problems, so if you have conditions like arthritis or diabetes, salmon is an excellent option for a post-recovery meal. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with complex carbohydrates that can help your body maintain its lost glycogen stores after finishing a workout.

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