A weight loss plan is more than numbers on a scale

Stepping on a scale only reveals one part of your weight loss plan, so it is important not to obsess over the numbers you see.
Stepping on a scale only reveals one part of your weight loss plan, so it is important not to obsess over the numbers you see.

The ways that people develop a weight loss plan can be varied and complex, but one of the most common practices that dieters will do is stepping on the scale to see their numbers - sometimes multiple times per day. One of the most important things you need to learn about losing weight and moving toward a healthy living balance is that your new lifestyle is more than just digits on a scale.

Weight loss is multi-faceted because we are all different, and just like anything else in life, our goals are not always going to be the same. Likewise, a tip in the scales could indicate a number of scientific explanations that go way beyond the numbers you see. Bottom line: Scales aren't everything in a diet plan. In fact, they are just one way to measure your results, so it's important not to compulsively weigh yourself or obsess too much about your numbers. Here's why:

Weight fluctuates, even if you are healthy: Your body does a lot throughout the day. In fact, Nerd Fitness explains that those numbers will likely fluctuate "more than the stock market." Your body is constantly striving toward wellness and goes through a lot of changes, even in just a 24 to 48 hour period. So, depending on what you ate, the liquids you consumed, whether or not you ate a lot of sodium and the time of day, those numbers will change.

Still not convinced? Try weighing yourself before and after a fitness session, or at the beginning and end of a 24-hour period, regardless of whether or not you exercised. You will notice that there will be differences in your numbers.

Muscle is more dense than fat: While losing weight and taking your garcinia cambogia extract, there's a chance that you will be building strong muscles in your core, arms and legs in an effort to look more toned. However, it is important to note that these successes aren't going to show up on the scale. While a pound is a pound, it's a scientific fact that muscle is more dense than fat. This is why your body mass index reveals a lot more about the state of your health compared to your actual overall weight.

Aim for a healthy lifestyle, not a number: A lot of people will strive for an idealistic number, such as what they weighed before having a baby or during college. However, your body goes through certain changes as you get older that may not allow this to happen. It's best to focus on how great you feel when working out and eating clean rather than what your weight might have been in the past. Do you look and feel great? Are your clothes starting to fit better? Do you have more energy and strength? These are all indicators that you are working toward a healthy lifestyle. There is no such thing as the "perfect weight" for everyone, so focus on what makes you feel empowered and stick with it if you want to see success in the long run.

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