Weight loss tips for men

Pistachios are a great food to eat for a man trying to lose weight.
Pistachios are a great food to eat for a man trying to lose weight.

Women aren't the only ones who turn to diets to help them lose weight: men are doing it too. For those who want to turn a new leaf to a healthier lifestyle, a weight loss diet for men is the way to go.

The next time your husband or significant other is out to dinner, encourage him to have a protein smoothie before leaving. This drink will help him feel fuller longer and he'll eat less while out. It's also a good idea to split an appetizer or meal in half and box up the other half immediately to discourage overeating. He can even drink a glass of water before going out for a longer-lasting "full" feeling. 

Men can add to weight loss goals by going by the saying "nothing after 9." This means they aren't allowed to eat any meals or unhealthy foods after 9 p.m. so their body can utilize what's in it before they go to sleep. 

Although working out on the weekends can often be a struggle, he should try to find time for it in order to get closer to his goal. With that being said, a cheat day can be a good idea after a long work week. Just don't let him over-indulge in foods that wouldn't normally be consumed during the week. 

Anytime your man goes anywhere, encourage him to park on the other side of the parking lot or as far away from the building as possible. This way, he has enough time to get in a quick power walk or just get in a few extra steps throughout the day. If he doesn't really have the opportunity to park a distance away from the building, advise him to take the stairs.  

Foods for weight loss
If your man is looking to cut calories from his diet and stay on track with his weight loss plan, encourage him to eat some foods that will help fill him up while decreasing his actual food intake.

Pistachios are a great way to trim calories because they're the lowest-calorie, lowest-fat nut you can get. A 1-ounce serving is 48 pistachios, so you can eat more than if you were snacking on peanuts or almonds.

Not all vegetables are created equal, but some do have close to zero calories such as cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, celery, broccoli and cabbage. Non-starchy vegetables are full of water and fiber, plus they're naturally low in calories so you can fill up with out packing on the weight.

Even if you're the biggest fitness guru, losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge. Natural ProcessTM supplements help you to lose the stubborn pounds and maintain your newfound slim figure. Each of our formulas provides a different mix of nutrients, so find the one that works best for you today!

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