Workouts that don't require a gym

Trail running is one way to workout without going to the gym.
Trail running is one way to workout without going to the gym.

There are plenty of ways to get exercise instead of going to the gym and doing the same routine everyday. By making exercise more exciting, we can turn up the heat while also keeping our weight loss plan on track. 

If you live near a body of water, try stand-up paddleboarding for an intense workout. Even paddling for an hour can burn more than 500 calories while giving your upper body, core and leg muscles a burn like no other. 

For those who enjoy running outside rather than on the treadmill, try hitting the track. Although you won't get quite the scenery you would while running around town, you'll be able to complete a high-intensity workout with sprints. If you want more variation in your run, head to the trail. Running on a trail is also good for your mind because you have to focus on the different terrain. 

To really challenge yourself, try a lower and upper body stair workout. You'll know you've reached your max when you feel like you have "dead legs" and can't go anymore. Once you get to that point in your workout, try doing push-ups or planks until you can catch your breath or get the strength to return to your legs. 

Live near a park? Head to a bench to get everything you need out of a workout. You can do tricep dips, single leg squats and elevated push-ups all on a bench. 

Travel-friendly equipment
If you plan on skipping the gym for your workout, consider some of this easy-to-carry equipment to bring along. A kettlebell can help you swing your way to weight loss while a medicine ball can help you get strong.

Hand weights can be a great addition to a workout if you'll be walking or jogging. A yoga mat is also a good idea for those planning to stretch out or do some poses while exercising. 

To boost your metabolism, try a weighted jump rope or vest. These products can help you get more out of your workout when you can't hit the gym.

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